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About Droplet Technologies


DROPLET TECHNOLOGIES is run by Karl Mierzejewski and is based in State College, PA, USA. The company started as a manufacturer of the Swath Kit and provider of technical services to the pesticide application industry, but has since diversified to perform services in the geospatial field with Geographical Information Systems (GIS ) and GPS-based services.

Karl Mierzejewski holds graduate degrees in Biology and BioAeronautics from Cranfield University in the UK. He has worked around the world specializing in aerial application projects. He was one of the developers of the Swath Kit aircraft swath pattern analysis equipment. He managed the Aerial Application Technology Lab at Penn State University, a research group funded by the USDA dedicated to improving the efficiency of aerial application in forests and agriculture.

More recently Karl became the Gypsy Moth Coordinator for Centre County in Pennsylvania where he managed two large spray programs in 2008 and 2009 to mitigate the gypsy moth caterpillar which defoliated large areas of the county's forests.


 Swath Kit

GIS Services

 Ag Services

♦ Aircraft Patterning

♦ Used worldwide

♦ Proven Record 

♦ GIS Small Business Setup

♦ Precision Agriculture

♦ Mapping

♦ Economic Analysis

♦ Spray Drift Amelioration

♦ Air & Ground Rig Spray

♦ Remote Sensing Projects