SK Equipment

The Swath Kit uses cards which have been sprayed with a material that produces contrasting stains. Typical media are water-sensitive or oil-sensitive cards, or white cards which have been sprayed by a liquid containing a dye colorant.

The Swath Kit consists of a portable image analyzer which interfaces with a laptop computer. The laptop runs the Swath Kit program which reads the stains on the cards and performs the analysis.


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Image Analyzer 

Interchangeable lenses and faceplates on the image analyser (shown right) enable a wide range of spray card areas (and droplet size ranges) to be analyzed.

Image Analyzers with different face plates


Inside the Image Analyzer: A compact CCD camera with a rigid mounting system makes the Swath Kit ideal for rough field use.

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Field readiness 

The Swath Kit comes in some of the toughest travel cases available - here the Swath Kit (left) and Met Kit (right) cases are shown together.


Complete System 

The Swath Kit is shown with the Met Kit meteorological station (right). The Met Kit is not necessary for analyzing aircraft swath patterns but supplies additional information which can aid their interpretation. Hand-held instruments (wind speed, temperature and RH) is often used in place of the Met Kit.


  • Swath Kit for Windows integrated software
  • Image analysis unit containing CCD camera (with 3 different focal length lenses) and illumination system
  • High resolution PC Card Frame Grabber for capturing card images
  • Hard travel case and cabling