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Swath Kit


What is the Swath Kit?

The Swath Kit is a portable laptop computer-based tool for analyzing the spray patterns of agricultural aircraft. The Swath Kit uses an image analyzer to measure spray patterns from cards sprayed by aircraft. The Windows-based Swath Kit program analyses the spray pattern with a view to optimizing aircraft spray system performance. A portable weather station that records weather data during spray trials is available as an option.


What do I get when I buy a Swath Kit?

Everything! You get a purpose-designed image analyzer, purpose-designed software, a protective, stylish equipment case and product support. This equipment is meant for travel, works in the field off a battery, but is just as comfortable sitting in an office or lab where it can operate on 90 - 250V AC. All you need to supply is sprayed cards from your projects!


Who can benefit from using the Swath Kit?

The Swath Kit was designed for all users of agricultural aircraft who need to learn more about the spray characteristics of their aircraft in order to maximize efficiency, conform to regulatory authorities or conduct research studies. Swath Kits are used world-wide in forestry and agriculture. Users include aerial applicators, agrichemical companies, research institutions and state agencies.


Some Swath Kit Users

Numerous organizations involved in aerial application at a research or operational level rely on the Swath Kit to provide rapid assessment and advice on swath patterns. Some of the key users have been the USDA Forest Service, the US Air Force, several major agrichemical manufacturers and agricultural research institutes like the University of Queensland Centre for Pesticide Application & Safety.


As of November 2009, Droplet Technologies will no longer be selling version 3 of the Swath Kit. Currently we are looking into developing the Swath Kit 4, a much updated Swath Kit which will offer many features not available in the old version.