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OUR CUSTOMERS are agricultural products manufacturers, large scale commodity producers (e.g. banana companies), agricultural and forestry research institutes, regional insect control entities and aerial applicators.

The 25 year experience of Droplet Technologies' staff can help your organization achieve its aerial application goals. The era of the crop duster is long gone, but some of the ways of working remain.

New demands from regulatory agencies as well as new technologies for improving application quality require the modern applicator to acquire many technical skills. Droplet Technologies has experience in many research areas of aerial application. We can help you with your aerial application problems in numerous ways - see our menu options on the left of this page.

Droplet Technologies provides a range of services related to pesticide application project planning (this section) and GIS (see GIS Services menu).

  • Large area spray-project design and implementation (insect suppression; disease control; vector control)
  • Aircraft swath patterning and spray analysis
  • Modeling of spray deposition and spray drift
  • Remote sensing projects using a partner helicopter company

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