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For Aerial Applicators

OK - you're busy, you found this site, you're thinking 'what is this guy offering?'



The last few years have made the applicator's job more demanding. Many changes have happened in both the technology front and the regulatory environment. You use GPS to guide your applications, but you probably feel that there are many aspects of the GPS equipment that you don't use, but would use if they provided a better service for your customers. Many government spray contracts also require GPS-based maps

Here are a few of the things that you can provide your customers (after a little training with us):


  • Files which the grower can click on and see your applications on Google Earth
  • Data of all your applications for review by the grower's crop advisor and for the local Ag Dept's records
  • Maps showing accumulated distribution of spray materials over time
  • Flight paths in 2D or 3D so you can better advise your newer pilots on best spray practices

These require GPS equipment that records your fligh path and usually some additional parameters about your solid or liquid application.

Examples of graphic plots are shown on the right (click on thumbnail to zoom in). Slide 1 is data from a combine's yield monitor in a cornfield in Illinois showing high and low yielding areas. Slide 2 shows sterile fly release in Mexico at different altitudes (altitude is color-coded) from a Cessna Caravan.


Aircraft Spray Pattern Analysis

To ensure that your customers are getting the best results, you may want to make sure that your aircraft are producing the most effective spray patterns. Browse through the Swath Kit and Spray Patterning pages on this site to learn more.