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GIS Modeling

DROPLET TECHNOLOGIES works with geographical information systems at all levels, from local field mapping projects to economic analysis and presentation maps on a world scale. We use industry standard GIS applications that are suited to the task. With the dramatic expansion of the internet, many public sector organizations worldwide are making their data available through their web sites. One of our specialties is locating those data and harnessing them for our client's benefit. As well as freely available data, an alternative to the complex world of GIS applications is currently emerging with technologies such as Google Earth and numerous open source applications. Droplet Technologies uses whichever application is most suited to the requirements and financial commitments of its customers. The graphics to the side show typical projects that we do.

  1. The top graphic shows economic data on hog production in Spain, overlaid on Google Earth. The fine sub-meter resolution of many US states and provinces around the world makes Google earth a suitable application for displaying geospatial data at the agricultural field level (not shown).

  2. The second figure shows detail of corn basis based on prices from local corn elevators. A topographic effect serves to show which areas are higher priced than others.

  3. The third figure is an example of presentation maps - in this case showing production of corn-based ethanol plants and their draw areas.

  4. The last figure shows a 'walk list' drawn up for political canvassers showing voter data by property.

Do you have a GIS project which you would like to have performed? Contact us to discuss your ideas; we work with GIS projects both large and small.